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Utelogy is a Software-defined Audio Visual (SDAV) platform for AV control, management and analytics. It’s a flexible solution for Boardrooms, Conference Rooms, Video Conferencing, Smart Classrooms, Auditoriums, Emergency Operations Centers and other facilities that require AV-powered communication. It allows organizations to leverage software to connect a manufacturer-agnostic network of audio-visual devices, such as projectors, monitors, speakers and cameras via the cloud.  This is done through ubiquitous networks to enable agile, flexible and scalable management and operation of the components of the unified AV system.

The enterprise solution features include:

  • The ability to connect, control and manage any brand of hardware
  • Easy provisioning and configuration
  • Reduced down-time and support costs
  • Personalized, customizable intelligent room control
  • Ability to add new AV technologies as they emerge
  • Proactive Monitoring, Alerts, and Analytics
  • Insights to guide future AV investment
  • Integration with other enterprise applications
  • User experience that lets people do their job without technology getting in the way

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