Aveo Systems is the designer of the Mira Connect™ AV control system used in corporate, hospitality, education, retail, multi-unit dwelling, non-profits, courtrooms, and houses of worship applications.

With no programming required, Mira Connect makes it easy for users to control DSP audio systems, cable and satellite TV tuners, displays, projectors, lighting, shades and blinds, and video switchers, including Visionary Solutions PacketAV systems.

To configure Mira Connect, customers simply access Mira Portal – Aveo’s cloud-based management platform for Mira Connect – and enable the desired features for a Mira Connect system. The user interface is automatically generated. Helpful features, such as projector screen lower/raise, password protection, Mira Connect Me control from a personal device, scheduled room power-off, and remote management are enabled with just a few clicks.

The Mira Connect AV control system is available as a touchscreen appliance or as a software-only solution for Windows computers, with affordable price points for all applications.

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