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Multi-award winning Swiss Digital Signage manufacturer, SpinetiX was established in 2006 by a team of experienced IT network engineers. They are the creators of the HMP Hyper Media Players and Fusion Software which in their simplest form can be used to power a screen with dynamic content in a retail, transportation or hotel environment. Because the Hyper Media Players turns any digital display into an autonomous and networked device, multiple screens can be connected together and given the same or multiple dynamic content feeds. The screens may be scattered across multiple locations or, in the case of a videowall, literally bolted together. The HMP devices allow as well to create interactive “kiosk” or to be used in serverless solutions.

Designed to be robust with no moving parts and minimal heat dissipation requirements, the players are a natural choice wherever the vulnerabilities of PC-based systems – such as the unreliability of peripheral devices or the susceptibility of the CPU to security breaches – are considered a strategic risk. The low power consumption of the HMPs also makes it attractive in applications where content is required to be displayed 24/7.

The unit’s small footprint also gives it an advantage in applications where space is at a premium – for example, refurbished retail and leisure environments in historic buildings where it is not possible to “reconfigure” the interior layout for the sake of digital signage.

SpinetiX has created a structured “ecosystem” of partner organizations who are responsible for purchasing the hardware and software, designing system architecture, supplying content and maintaining the integrity and contemporary nature of each digital signage project.

AVN200 – Spinetix Interoperability