IPTV SYSTEMS Visionary’s IPTV systems deliver unparalleled management and control of broadcast TV, streaming video, digital signage, and pre-recorded content.

In today’s digital world, seamless delivery of key messaging and media to staff, students, visitors, and guests is a must have. Visionary IPTV is a trusted solution in public spaces, offices, meeting rooms, teaching facilities, houses of worship, hospitality venues, and anywhere superior AV communications are a requirement.

Feature-rich and Scalable End-to-End IPTV and Digital Signage Systems

PackeTV is the powerful management software at the core of Visionary IPTV and Digital Signage systems.

PackeTV is a browser-based Linux application enabling control and management of AV sources and endpoints while supporting live streaming, playback of recorded content, and archiving.

Administrators are provided with intuitive and simple-to-use tools to manage, monitor, deliver and record live broadcast TV, encoded and streamed content as well as pre-recorded and content uploaded on-demand.

Visionary’s decades of IP network video research and development underpin the design and deployment of sophisticated, reliable and scalable IPTV and Digital Signage systems. Contact us today to discuss your company’s requirements and learn all that Visionary IPTV and Digital Signage have to offer.

Easy to Install
  • System Management – manage encoders, TV tuners, set top boxes, content, recording, metadata and streams via an HTML5 browser portal.
  • SAP Announcements – provide Session Announcement Protocol (SAP) announcements for live channels to enable users to watch via a media player such as VLC and integrate with 3rd party products such as gym equipment.
  • Compatibility and Legacy – integrate with third party control systems, encoders, headends and existing content to maximize return on investment.
Easy to Use
  • Desktop Player – watch live TV, browse the on-demand content library or search for specific video content using a simple, uncomplicated browser-based GUI.
  • Restream – take any live stream and restream it with support for multicasts, unicasts, RTSP, RTMP and HLS formats making it ideal for cloud services, YouTube, Facebook Live, etc.
  • Open API – for integration into 3rd party control systems such as Crestron, QSC, etc. providing local system or room control. Additionally, the ability to link into emergency systems or trigger playback of content based upon external control inputs from fire alarm or weather warning systems.
  • TV Channels – manage and distribute live DVB terrestrial/satellite/cable & ATSC/clear QAM TV channels.
  • Encoding – HDMI and HD-SDI encoders to create SD, HD and 4K UHD video streams for recording and local “layout” as well as secondary low bitrate streams for webcasting.
  • Centralized Library & Video on Demand – upload or record video content in all main video and audio formats and record multiple live streams simultaneously.
  • Digital Signage – display simple digital signage using a number of standard templates with access to video, photos, graphics, slides and RSS feeds.
  • DRM – integration with Samsung Lynk and LG Pro:Idiom to provide digital rights management for secure protection of encrypted content and premium TV channels.
  • Scheduling – schedule recordings and/or playback of proprietary channels and digital signage.
  • Streaming – supports multicast, unicast UDP, RTSP, RTP, HTTP and HLS streams as well as offering “pull and push” streaming and transcoding for delivery to any device.
  • Active Directory – integrate PackeTV with your AD system to manage administration access for secure content delivery.