SOFTWARE Fully Integrated IPTV Platform PackeTV, the powerful management software at the core of Visionary IPTV, provides all the necessary functionality to configure, maintain, and operate a state of the art IPTV system.

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Distribute TV

The Visionary TV Gateway is a chassis holding up to 32 tuners running the PackeTV Live management software. You can mix and match different types of PackeTV tuner cards in the same chassis to access DVB-T/T2, DVB-S/S2, DVB-C, DTMB and ATSC transmissions. There are also options for tuner cards with Common Interfaces to combine with Conditional Access Modules (CAMs) for receiving scrambled TV channels.

Live Streaming

Live for Visionary provides a low cost complete solution for those clients that only want to deliver live streams. The Live software provides control over tuners, encoders and their streams, ingesting and distributing live sources such as IP camera feeds and encoded sources as well as managing set top boxes.

Media Content Library

The fully functioned Visionary CMS includes an integral library to organize recordings and pre-recorded content for creating playlists, digital signage assets and video-on-demand, amongst many other features.


As well as uploading content into the library, you can also record live streams directly into the content management system. The PackeTV software provides the capability to record a number of channels simultaneously, which can be scheduled or started with the click of a button. All of the functionality is available as commands within the PackeTV Control API so this functionality is available via third party control systems.

Digital Signage

Live TV and content channels can be received and displayed by most digital signage players on the market today and can be used to provide a channel zone within the signage content. PackeTV has it’s own integrated simple signage system but can also manage signage-as-a-channel where the system can encode a third party signage player and turn it into a channel made available within the PackeTV channel line up.


Browse the library or search for content using favorites, metadata tags, and thumbnails to play on demand or push specific content to selected or all users.


PackeTV digital rights management (DRM) software ensures your encrypted content is secured across the network and is only delivered to authorized endpoints.

Active Directory

Linking access to Active Directory guarantees that users get the right of choice of authorized content based upon the user credentials.


Any media content from the library, live channels or streams and digital signage can be played according to a preset schedule.


Click the button to repurpose any live H.264 stream into a Native or Transcoded HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) channel. A new channel will be added to the live channels list and viewable in PC browsers, mobile devices like iPhones, iPads, Android tablets and phones.


Any media content from the library, live channels or streams and digital signage can be added to a playlist and stream on a dynamic or scheduled basis.


Live content is converted into a compatible format for delivery to the user’s preferred viewing device, whether that’s a TV or display screen, computer or mobile device optimizing delivery and extending IPTV channels to local and remote users.

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