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Visionary Solutions’ Encoders Selected for AMX SchoolView® (PDF)
VSI partners with AMX for Control System Interoperability (PDF)

Vision 2 ™ from AMX is a sophisticated, fully-integrated video capture, management and distribution system using the latest Internet Protocol Television technology. The partnership between Visionary Solutions and AMX can bring a new level of quality, reliability and efficiency to your video program.

MORE: Video Acquisition
Start with any analog or digital video source
Encode it with VSI encoders
Store the encoded video on an AMX Vision2 server

Webcast, multicast or video-on-demand
On any IP network – your intranet – the Internet
Multiple bit rates for PCs, Macs, smart phones, tablets or TVs with IP set-top boxes

Full remote management and scheduling functions for up to 100 channels.
Easy-to-use browser-based administration