Visionary + Azure PR
Visionary acquires Azure Development Solutions, known as NetworkTV, to enhance the company’s IPTV capabilities, broaden its sales channels, and establish a strong European headquarters

Santa Barbara, Calif. (January 25, 2024) — Visionary, a leading global innovator in network AV solutions, has announced a strategic acquisition of IPTV Software Company and UK distributor, Azure Development Solutions, which operates under the brand NetworkTV. This significant move enhances Visionary’s capabilities in IPTV and expands its AV-over-IP sales channels, while simultaneously establishing a strong European headquarters.

In 2015, Azure Development Solutions introduced NetworkTV, an IPTV video content management platform, which later became the cornerstone of Azure Development Solutions’ brand. NetworkTV’s founders bring over 20 years of experience developing feature-rich and scalable end-to-end IPTV systems. NetworkTV’s fully integrated solutions deliver unparalleled management and control of broadcast TV, streaming video, digital signage, and pre-recorded content.

The acquisition marks a significant milestone in Visionary’s global expansion strategy, enabling the company to leverage NetworkTV’s established market presence and expertise in the UK and European markets. NetworkTV, renowned for its technical expertise in IPTV solutions and excellence in customer service, will now operate as Visionary’s European arm, positioning the company to better serve its growing customer base across the continent. With this new base, Visionary aims to deepen its relationships with European clients and partners, offering them enhanced support and service. 

“We are thrilled to welcome NetworkTV into the Visionary family. We’ve been working with them for more than a decade and this acquisition is a game-changer for us, propelling our IPTV capabilities to new heights and giving us a solid foothold in the European market,” said Scott Freshman, chief operating officer of Visionary. “Our combined expertise and resources will drive innovation and deliver exceptional value to our customers.”

NetworkTV’s existing management team will assume leadership of the new European operation, ensuring seamless integration and continuation of high-quality services. “Joining forces with Visionary represents a pivotal moment for us, emphasizing our strong capabilities in IPTV technology and marking the establishment of a significant European headquarters,” said Philip Dodds, founder and managing director of NetworkTV. “We are proud to be part of this journey and look forward to a future of shared success.”

The integration of NetworkTV into Visionary’s operations will significantly enhance the company’s IPTV offerings with a broader range of advanced network AV solutions, and additionally establish a European headquarters in the UK, bolstering Visionary’s operational capacity. This strategic move is anticipated to accelerate the growth of Visionary’s global sales and distribution network, offering customers the benefit of combined expertise and resources.

Visionary’s acquisition of NetworkTV is expected to be completed, with full integration of operations, branding and product lines in the coming months. Both companies are committed to ensuring a seamless transition for their customers and partners.

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