Visionary emphasizes a commitment to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in the ProAV and IT industries through WAVIT sponsorship

Santa Barbara, Calif. (October 10, 2023) — Visionary, a leader in high-quality AV-over-IP solutions, has been named an Empower Sponsor of WAVIT, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and empowering women in the AV and IT industries. As an Empower Sponsor, Visionary is strengthening its commitment to education, outreach and initiatives that support and encourage women in the ProAV and IT industries.

“Visionary is passionate about empowering, promoting and furthering diversity, equity and inclusion in the ProAV and IT industries,” said Scott Freshman, chief operating officer for Visionary. “We recognize the significant impact that WAVIT has on our industry by creating a platform that supports and encourages women through education, representation and inclusion. We are proud to support WAVIT and champion their efforts of supporting and empowering women, especially through personal and professional development opportunities, to create waves of equality in the ProAV and IT industries.”

“Sponsors are critical to our organization and we’re thrilled that Visionary has decided to invest in our mission to provide a network that supports and empowers women in the AV and IT industries,” said Gina Sansivero, co-founder and president of WAVIT and vice president of marketing and communications at AtlasIED. “With support of sponsors like Visionary, WAVIT can continue to create opportunities for women to enter into and excel in our industry.”

WAVIT, which was created for and by women, provides a much-needed network that supports and empowers women in the AV and IT industries through education, outreach and initiatives. WAVIT’s emphasis on education, mentorship and establishing career pathways for retaining women in the industry and creating new pathways for young women to enter is breaking down barriers to create an inclusive environment that attracts and retains female talent. WAVIT is moving the needle towards representation to support women through industry barriers, such as wage gap, bias, and lack of leadership opportunities, and by fostering upskilling and training for women in tech to help them stay competitive and relevant in the evolving world of technology.

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