Visionary + AVEO Systems
Visionary’s PacketAV Matrix Series features expanded, plug-and-play control operations with Aveo Systems’ Mira Connect AV Control System

Santa Barbara, Calif. (September 25, 2023) — Visionary, a leading global innovator in the AV-over-IP industry, and Aveo Systems, a pioneer of simplified control solutions for professional audiovisual systems, have partnered to introduce expanded control operations for Visionary’s PacketAV Matrix Series with Aveo Systems’ Mira Connect. The Mira Connect family of products, lauded for their simplicity and functionality, now integrate with Visionary’s AV-over-IP products to enhance overall control and user experience.

The partnership aims to provide users with a seamless, intuitive and engaging experience when interacting with AV systems, addressing a significant pain point in the industry – the complexity of control system programming and user interfaces.

“We are pleased to partner with Aveo Systems to provide an enhanced user experience through plug-and-play configuration and device control,” said Scott Freshman, chief operating officer for Visionary. “This partnership aligns with our mission to make AV over IP technology accessible and simple to use. By combining our leading AV over IP solutions with Aveo’s innovative control systems, we can deliver an AV experience that is not just cutting-edge, but also incredibly user-friendly.”

Craig Richardson, Ph.D., chief executive officer for Aveo Systems, added, “Our mission has always been to simplify AV control. We’re excited to be working with Visionary to make it easy for partners to set up control of PacketAV Matrix Series devices using Mira Connect. Visionary’s partners can now benefit from Mira Connect’s configuration-based control to efficiently set up control systems and take advantage of advanced features, such as remote management for AV/IT teams, multiple control interfaces, including directly on users’ devices, text alerts on equipment issues, and more.”

Together, the PacketAV Matrix Series and Mira Connect can be easily configured to create a user interface within minutes instead of days or weeks required by traditional control systems. Featuring a streamlined installation process, Mira Connect automatically discovers PacketAV Matrix Series devices and creates a simplified process to add multiple PacketAV endpoints to the control system in just minutes. Mira Portal, a cloud-based management platform, recognizes the PacketAV Matrix Series devices and enables system designers to create rooms and desired inputs on the encoders and associate decoders with displays to create an automatic user interface.

This strategic alliance between Visionary and Aveo Systems underscores a mutual commitment to improving user experience in the AV industry. As companies and institutions increasingly rely on AV technology for communication and collaboration, the need for intuitive, high-quality systems becomes more critical than ever.

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