Visionary reiterates commitment to developing and promoting environmentally friendly solutions that meeting the growing demands of the professional AV industry

Santa Barbara, Calif. (May 23, 2023) — Visionary, a global leader in network AV solutions, announces a commitment to designing and manufacturing sustainable, high-performance AV-over-IP solutions. At InfoComm 2023, Visionary will highlight their investment in developing and promoting environmentally friendly solutions while addressing the growing demands of the professional AV industry with quality and performance.

The modular system design and architecture of AV-over-IP provides many benefits to sustainability, including greater scalability, energy efficiency, longer product life, reduced material consumption, simplified maintenance and repair, remote management, and more efficient use of resources. The rich benefits of Visionary’s modular AV-over-IP technology contribute to a lower environmental impact compared to traditional fixed matrix switching.

Recently, Visionary supported one of the largest AV-over-IP deployments in the world with over 2,500 endpoints at Resorts World Las Vegas. During the initial design, the systems integrators, end users and Visionary’s in-house engineers performed calculations on the power requirements for Visionary’s endpoints versus some of the competitive products that were being considered. It was determined that Resorts World Las Vegas would be reducing its carbon footprint by 532 Metric Tons of Carbon Dioxide equivalent and saving over $60,000 per year in energy costs by utilizing Visionary’s eco-friendly, low-power endpoints. The Carbon Dioxide emissions are equivalent to 59,808 gallons of gasoline consumed, or correlates to greenhouse gas emissions avoided by 23,007 trash bags of waste recycled instead of landfilled.

“For nearly three decades, Visionary has been passionate about sustainability in the AV industry,” said Scott Freshman, chief operating officer for Visionary. “We recognize the significant impact that technology and innovation have on our environment, resources, and society at large. We are committed to developing environmentally responsible solutions while meeting the growing demands of the AV industry with quality and performance. The AV industry has the potential to consume significant amounts of energy and materials. We see this as an opportunity to create energy-efficient products in addition to advocating for sustainable practices within our industry.”

The over-engineering of AV-over-IP endpoints has led to excessive power consumption. Often, manufacturers pack their devices with a multitude of features to stand out from the competition. However, many of these features are not required by the end users and result in excessive power consumption. As AV-over-IP technologies continue to advance, it is essential for manufacturers to strike a balance between innovation and real-world system requirements. Over-engineered devices not only consume more energy but also increase the total cost of ownership for users, as they pay for features they don’t necessarily need. To address this issue, the AV industry should focus on developing energy-efficient and streamlined solutions tailored to specific use cases and market segments. At InfoComm 2023, Visionary will showcase their commitment to designing and manufacturing sustainable, AV-over-IP solutions, without compromising the necessary features to support many of the most demanding AV applications.

Visit Visionary in booth 3761 at InfoComm 2023 from June 14–16, 2023, in Orlando, Florida. For more information on Visionary, please visit Keep up with the latest news from Visionary on LinkedIn and YouTube.