Nic Danielson, Visionary Technical Support Engineer
Visionary appoints Nic Danielson, technical support engineer, to expand in-house customer service and technical support for global customer base

Santa Barbara, Calif. (January 18, 2023) — Visionary, a manufacturer of reliable, cost-effective AV over IP technologies, announces Nic Danielson as technical support engineer. In this role, Danielson will expand Visionary’s in-house customer service and technical support to provide expert, consistent technical support – a unique benefit to integrators.

Danielson has nearly a decade of experience in technical support in the professional AV industry. Prior to joining Visionary, Danielson served as a senior technical sales engineer for a prominent DSP manufacturer. In his role, Danielson worked closely with Visionary’s technology through a technical collaboration between Visionary and the DSP manufacturer. Danielson brings a breadth of experience with designing, tuning and troubleshooting various complete audio DSP systems, including whole control systems. Danielson will support Visionary’s customers through technical support and troubleshooting, systems design and integration and technical training.

“In my time in the AV industry, I’ve built great relationships with many of the professionals at Visionary. They have been great to work with, and I’m looking forward to working with them more closely,” said Danielson. “In my experience with technical support, I’ve learned the importance of deep product knowledge, but on top of that, the in-depth knowledge of commercial AV systems as a whole. Most importantly, customers want to work with companies willing to dive in with them and help make that system work. That brings full value to the customer, and I look forward to emphasizing that in my new role.”

“Over the last two decades, Visionary has become a trusted and reliable professional AV brand. We have grown immensely with many unique installations and monumental projects, including our recent integration at Resorts World Las Vegas,” said Scott Freshman, chief operations officer for Visionary. “Naturally, as part of our continued growth, we are expanding the technical support department to provide personalized support for a global customer base. We are excited to strengthen our team and strengthen customer relationships through personalized technical support and troubleshooting, systems design and training.”

Visionary is committed to providing reliable, feature-rich and problem-solving solutions to support integrators, consultants and end users. The company’s priority is servicing customers and building partnerships during a unique time in the professional AV industry. The latest hire emphasizes Visionary’s investment in experienced talent to address accelerated growth.