Valley Presbyterian Church Revolutionizes Hybrid Worship with Visionary’s Matrix Series

Valley Presbyterian Church

Located in the heart of Valley Presbyterian Church’s campus, the Valley Day School is a well-recognized preschool in the Paradise Valley, Arizona, community. For more than five decades, Valley Day School has provided classes for over 100 children every year, with children ranging from 18 months to five years old. The Valley Presbyterian Church campus was initially constructed in 1966 with the original sanctuary and has continued to grow throughout the years.

Following an extensive technology integration in Valley Presbyterian Church’s 50-year-old sanctuary facility, Clearwing Systems Integration was selected for additional AV systems design and integration at Valley Day School. “We were heavily involved in the integration in Valley Presbyterian Church’s main sanctuary, and they had contacted us near the completion of the initial installation to integrate additional technology into other buildings on campus,” explained David Olson, who does systems engineering and estimation for Clearwing. “Valley Presbyterian Church has a very spacious campus. The sanctuary is located at one end of the property, while the multipurpose and classroom spaces for the Valley Day School are at the opposite end of the campus. It was important that we designed an AV system that could seamlessly bridge the gap between the main sanctuary and the Valley Day School.”

Clearwing needed to implement a solution that was compatible with the existing system already in place. “We selected Visionary’s PacketAV Matrix Series for the integration at Valley Day School because of its flexibility,” noted Olson. “It was important for us to design an AV system that complemented the existing integration in the sanctuary while remaining within their budget. With the main sanctuary and smaller classrooms located in separate buildings on campus, we didn’t need to maintain the same technology utilized in the sanctuary for the installation in the smaller classrooms. By installing Visionary’s PacketAV Matrix Series in the classroom, we were able to provide Valley Presbyterian Church with the same features and capabilities found in the sanctuary, but at a more cost-effective price.”

“Visionary is our preferred solution for AV over IP, because of its easy integration and programming.”

~ David Olson, Systems Engineer

Visionary’s products are continuously recognized for providing outstanding performance and reliability at a competitive price. “Visionary is our preferred solution for AV over IP, because of its easy integration and programming,” said Olson. “Visionary’s technology is plug-and-play, which allows us to reduce our costs for installation and programming. For this installation, it was important that we provided Valley Presbyterian Church with a solution that offered the same features as the technology in their main sanctuary at a much lower cost — we were able to provide that with Visionary’s PacketAV Matrix Series.”

Featuring ultra-low latency AV over IP, Visionary’s PacketAV Matrix Series creates a reliable product solution for bridging the gap between multiple spaces, such as worship facilities and classrooms. “The classrooms are divided into smaller breakout rooms utilized for adult ministry gatherings, youth ministry programs and children’s classes” explained Olson. “Visionary’s PacketAV Matrix Series enabled us to take the signal from the main system in the sanctuary and broadcast the feed into the other buildings for overflow worship and smaller gatherings. Visionary’s PacketAV Matrix Series provides ultra-low latency audio and video transmissions, which was the key to providing a simple integration between the separate buildings.”

Olson added, “Valley Presbyterian Church is really happy with the final installation. We were able to add onto their initial installation happening in the sanctuary while providing the same set of AV over IP features with Visionary’s PacketAV Matrix.”

Visionary’s PacketAV Matrix Series is designed for standard network infrastructures, which allows Clearwing to seamlessly integrate the technology into various projects. “We’ve been integrating Visionary for over two years, and we’ve had great success with its AV over IP technology in our projects,” said Olson. “Our clients are always impressed with the quality of the system and ease of use — and we’re confident in the technology we’re providing them with. Additionally, Visionary’s flexibility with other technology solutions, such as QSC’s Q-SYS, is important to us because it enhances our installation and programming workflow. The integration with Q-SYS allows us to quickly drop into the modules and control the system. It also reduces our time on the jobsite.”

Visionary’s 4K UHD over IP PacketAV Matrix Series encoders and decoders redefine traditional switch matrix systems to create a flexible, scalable, cinema-quality solution for IP networks. The PacketAV endpoints offer ultra-low latency with unlimited distribution capabilities. Utilizing existing network resources, the encoders and decoders can be rapidly deployed to enable cost-effective distribution of multi-channel Dante/AES67 audio and video over IP.