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MediasPro is a leading supplier of modern, highly intelligent media technology systems as well as supporting services of outstanding quality.

The maxim “people and technology” stands for our endeavor to provide the highest quality, ethical and moral services for our customers.

MediasPro offers its customers selected products that complement each other effectively. Our engineers have often contributed to their development themselves. Because we see ourselves not simply as sales, but as representatives of the manufacturers – for comprehensive and well-founded support for our customers.

For MediasPro, this also includes continuously improving the quality of its own services. That is why we undergo a voluntary annual inspection according to ISO 9001: 2015 quality management .

Partnership and competence – the basis for trust.

The principle applies to us: We want to be your partner. Personal and competent.

That is why one of our engineers is at your side in projects from the start. From planning and processing to follow-up support. Regardless of whether standards are implemented properly, complex tasks are solved cost-effectively, users are trained or expansions are to be implemented in the future.

Service – a question of attitude.

In a world of high and growing requirements, for us, customer service means going beyond what is necessary. Without know-it-alls and nudity.

For us, your demands are the measure of all things – without compromise, but with all possibilities.


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